Stop 7 – Ellis and Rice

Clendenan Avenue and Dundas Street West

358 Clendenan Ave.,  photographer Bruce Bunting
Source: Humberside Heritage District Project #39
date acquired 1980


354 Clendenan Ave.  Source: Humberside Heritage District Project #34
date acquired 1980

358 Clendenan was, until its recent demolition, the site of James Ellis’ own house, which he designed for himself.  354 Clendenan was the home of Ellis’ close friend and early Junction journalist and historian Allan Berlin Rice.  These were typical middle-class homes of the area, graciously unpretentious in their design.  The Romanesque brick arch over the second-story window is a common feature in Junction houses built at this time.  Just to the north is Annette Street Public School, for which Ellis did one set of renovations, meaning that during his time on Clendenan Avenue, Ellis was in close proximity to much of his own work.

Architectural Notes:

James Ellis House

  • relaxed architectural composition of no particular historic style, featuring a prominent half-octagonal tower facing the corner of Clendenan and Jennings
  • Ellis is exploring domestic architecture, incorporating interesting features such as small cubbylike room over the front porch, shingled gable at third floor, half-octagonal end to main reception room implies corner tower at second storey
  • deep front porch allowed main entrance and entrance hall access directly into the centre/heart of the house creating a “centre-hall plan” out of a “side-hall” approach
  • house located closer to Jennings to allow for generous side garden on south side of house, ideal for produce as well as ornamentals

A.B. Rice House

  • most northerly of a group of near identical houses most likely constructed by the same builder as a small development
  • A.B. Rice house is one third wider than the others which allows it to have the generous front porch the others lack
  • interesting carpentry work displayed in the upper portion of the main gable on each of the houses
  • projecting horizontal brick courses give relief and shadow to the facade
  • special raised segment to arched window gives interest to facade

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