Stop 3a – Victoria Presbyterian Church

152 Annette St.

Victoria Presbyterian Church
Diamond Jubilee

Victoria Presbyterian Church was designed by Knox & Elliot in 1890, just before Ellis came to the Junction.  Many of the Junction’s leading families are known to have worshipped here.  This was one of the first brick churches to be built along Annette Street, and helped make the street the centre of public life in the Junction.  In addition to church services, this church was also host to concerts and served as the community’s first high school.  Prior to its construction, local Presbyterians had met in a wooden church across the street on Pacific Avenue, now the site of St. Cecilia’s Catholic Church.

Architectural Notes:

  • magnificent tower anchors composition and emphatically announces church’s presence and its importance within the community
  • grand triple romanesque arches with gothic decorative curves and three-point cross superimposed in the wall above
  • church is an equal-armed cross in plan, with additional facilities placed to the rear of the property

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