Stop 2 – Disciples of Christ Church

Keele and Annette

99 Annette St., Keele Street Church of Christ, rear view
photographer John Thompson.  Source WTJHS, date acquired 1994

The original church building was designed by Ellis in 1890, making it his earliest-known Junction work.  Portions of his design can still be seen on the east side of the building, including the Romanesque arches which typify much of the area’s 1890s architecture.  A non-denominational church today, it was originally a church for the Disciples of Christ.  Among the regular worshippers here was the Junction’s first mayor, Daniel Webster Clendenan.  Ellis is known to have been raised in the Disciples of Christ Church, and this may have been his congregation also.

Architectural Notes:

  • simple plan and roof line
  • designed in brick and stone to infer stability and permanence
  • slate roof requires steep roof pitch which gives greater presence than building’s
    modest size might normally have
  • low eave forces large arched (romanesque) windows to be placed lower than
    normal for a church
  • use of buttresses is decorative, making connection to continuity of medieval
    Christian architecture
  • use of terra cotta plaques popular in Toronto in late 19th century
  • new addition is harmonious and respectful to the original building
  • new addition mimics original’s shape while departing by use of curved wall
    which is subtle nod to romanesque arches in original.

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