Stop 1a – Municipal Centre

Fire Hall

Fire Hall

Police Station No. 9 and fire hall (top of tower missing), former
city hall of West Toronto Junction, west side of Keele St. south of Dundas,
Source: Baldwin Room, Toronto Reference Library  Salmon Collection S1-854
‘date acquired’ circa 1987 print, April 18, 2001 copy neg from Annette Library.

The current fire hall replaces an earlier, Ellis and Connery-designed municipal building which served as the Junction’s primary fire hall, police station, and council offices.  Ellis’ multi-purpose building was built in 1907, at a time when fire service still meant the use of horse-drawn vehicles.  While James Ellis’ building may be gone, the bell was returned to this site in 2006.

Architectural Notes:

  • multipurpose building required more complex design solution
  • 2 major masses: fire-hall; and municipal offices
  • different architectural styles reflect different uses
  • hose drying tower is central unifying element and main entrance
  • Fire-hall is typical utilitarian commercial architecture seen on Dundas street from this era
  • Municipal offices in the grander Romanesque style, favoured for public buildings, employing more ornament in the facade

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