Stop 3b – Masonic Temple

151 Annette St.

Masonic Temple, Stanley Lodge, 151 Annette St., interior

151  Annette St.- Masonic temple
photographer Larry Burak. Source WTJHS
date acquired July 1995

The Masonic Temple was designed by Ellis and Connery, and opened shortly after the library.  Like many other important Junction men of his day, Ellis was himself an active freemason, and he served as the master of local Stanley Lodge prior to this building’s construction.  The main entrance has been altered since the building first opened, and the close proximity of the steps to the sidewalk is a result of Annette Street having been widened after World War I.

Architectural Notes:

  • Front entrance is placed in simple reproduction of a roman doric temple front
    but without matching pediment
  • main roof (yellow) pediment has shallow projection of bottom element to match
    stone facade element below it.
  • Stone work is unadorned except for door frame and its pediment

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