The West Toronto Junction Historical Society wishes to thank several groups and individuals for making this tour possible, including the Junction Shul (Congregation Knesseth Israel), the Ontario Trillium Foundation, and Heritage Toronto.

Several resources were consulted during the preparation of this tour, including (but not limited to) city directories, building permits, and newspaper articles, accessed through the City of Toronto Archives and Toronto Public Library .

The West Toronto Junction Historical Society is especially indebted to Barbara Myrvold, and her book The Most Attractive Resort in Town: Public Library Service in West Toronto Junction 1888-2009, 2nd revised and expanded edition (Toronto Public Library Board, 2009), which includes excellent biographical information about James Ellis and his work.  While primarily focused on library service, this book also gives one of the best accounts of early public life in the Junction.  Click here for information on how to acquire this book.

Another valuable resource is Robert Hill’s website, the Biographical Dictionary of Architects in Canada 1800-1950 , which includes a detailed and sourced list of known Ellis buildings.

We are also indebted to many different volunteers who have spent decades collecting information on Junction history and finding ways to preserve it for future generations.  This project would not have been possible without the help of countless individuals who contributed, either directly or indirectly, towards helping us share the life and work of this remarkable architect.

James Ellis: Architect of the Junction
Written and Researched by David Wencer

Walk Leaders
Neil Ross
David Wencer
Christopher Sears

Beyond the Walking Tour
Written and Researched by Neil Ross

Architectural Notes
Written and Researched by Christopher Sears

Ellis Web Site
Designed and Constructed by David Bridge

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